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BASIC CONCEPT #9 - Stretch Fabrics Call for Stretch Lining

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Have you ever purchased a stretch woven fabric only to discover that you need a lining. But you can't find a suitable lining that also stretches. If you want to maintain the stretch of the main fabric, you also need a lining with the same property.

Stretch Poly Satin is one answer. It is durable, affordable, lightweight and makes a jacket or coat easy to slide on or off. Now available in WhiteBlackTurquoise and Cherry Red, it is a generous 145 cm / 58 in. wide.

Stretch Poly Satin is also available in a print in two colourways: Blossoms on Blush and Blossoms on Light Navy.

Stretch Poly Satin is a little heavier than your typical lining. Consider sewing a cami or top in the same fabric to match.

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BASIC CONCEPT #8 - Peerless Ponte

If you have a fear of knits, Ponte de Roma is a great fabric to start with. It is a double-knit interlock fabric that has stability and firmness in addition to flexibility and softness. Ponte fabric has a subtle matte sheen and incredible soft drape. Solid colours are the same on both sides. It is [...]

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BASIC CONCEPT #7 - Dress It Up

Dresses can be both comfortable and stylish with the right design. The dress patterns described here are suitable for many figure types. Sew it in your favourite solid colour and you can dress it up or down with accessories. Make it in an outstanding print and you'll feel great every time you put it on.The [...]

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B​ASIC CONCEPT #6 - T-Shirts Are For Everyone

The T-shirt has evolved from its humble beginning as a men's undergarment to an essential feature in our wardrobes. The stylish versions available to us now are a far cry from the basic white short-sleeved crew neck worn by the military in the early 20th Century.If T-shirts are your thing, we have a great assortment of [...]

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​BASIC CONCEPT #5 - High Mileage Dress Shirting

Crisp, clean and smart, you can't go wrong with a dress shirt in your wardrobe. Often associated with business attire, a natural fibre shirt can be suitable for many occasions. The right combination of sewing pattern and fabric gets you a shirt that you will reach for time and again.The dressiest fabric is 100% cotton [...]

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BASIC CONCEPT #4: Coordination is Crucial

Building a good wardrobe does require some planning and coordination of fabrics. But shopping online is tricky because you can't always be sure if two fabrics are going to work together. Even the neutral colours of white, black, navy, grey and beige vary greatly from fabric to fabric.Perfect Pairings is a new website section that [...]

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BASIC CONCEPT #3 - Stretch Bengaline is Your Friend

Modern Stretch Bengaline is a blend of rayon, nylon and spandex with an interesting weave. The weft is stretchy thinner threads and the warp is somewhat thicker and stable. The result is a very stretchy woven fabric, up to 40%, but on the lengthwise grain (parallel to the selvedge). There is no stretch on the [...]

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BASIC CONCEPT #2 - Hardworking Cargo Twill

Next to denim, cargo twill is the all-season favourite for pants, jackets and skirts. Casual yet classy, it comes in a variety of colours. Unlike denim where the weft thread is white, cargo twill has the same colour on both sides.Cargo twill is 97% breathable cotton with 3% Spandex for comfort and recovery. Available in [...]

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​BASIC CONCEPT #1 - Good Denim is Always a Good Idea

Since I started buying my own clothing, I cannot remember a time when I didn't own something made from denim. Originally developed as a fabric for work clothes, denim found its way into the mainstream and has played a big part in fashion ever since. So much so that denim is now considered a wardrobe [...]

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Tried and True Notion: Bamboo Point Turner and Presser

This is one sewing tool that I list among my essentials. So, if you don't have one, you should get at least one. The price is reasonable and you won't regret it.Use it to turn points on collars, mitres or any item that has a corner. Nudge the narrow end up to the point in [...]

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