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Tried and True Notion: Bamboo Point Turner and Presser

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This is one sewing tool that I list among my essentials. So, if you don't have one, you should get at least one. The price is reasonable and you won't regret it.

Use it to turn points on collars, mitres or any item that has a corner. Nudge the narrow end up to the point in the seam and turn the fabric to the right side while holding it in place. Gently press against seam if needed to perfect the point. Much better than using a very sharp and hard item like scissors that could poke a hole in the fabric. And you can leave the Bamboo Point Turner and Presser in place while you steam press the point. Not something you can do with a plastic point turner. The bamboo will not melt and absorbs some of the steam for a crisper press.

Use the rounded end to "finger press" seams open before you steam press. It is great for both straight and curved seams. The hole drilled in the rounded end is for attaching a ribbon or string to hang it up where you can easily find it.

Link to Bamboo Point Turner and Presser.